Thursday, June 24, 2010

Email about filling our pockets

I just got an interesting email, saying Halaw Group is all about Halaw Group and wanting to fill our own pockets. Well my friend who sent us the email, and we will leave you anonymous, your welcome to have my pockets, and many of our First Nations peoples pockets. Your partly correct, why can't we fill our pockets with a lot of money has been generated of the backs and traditional lands of First Nations people for years and generations. I made a promise to the late Chief George Manuel, and I recommend you look him up on the internet and Google, etc.  He said finish what needs to be finished, if we have to do it one First Nations individual, one Family, one Community at a time, for First Nations people have all the time. I may be sounding upset or frustrated, far from it.  The individual who sent us the email just needs to be educated to understand First Nations people, I will think positive things and results for you. For I put my hand out in friendship, its up too you. Thank you Peter Leech and keep reading

Do we really need the Governments?

Hello Everyone, its been awhile since we posted, thank you for your patience, and everything is for a purpose. The "Indian Question" what is it and does it still exist. Since the incorporation of the Indian Act, have times really changed for Indian/Aboriginal or First Nations people. This past Monday was Aboriginal Day, and we seen no acknowledgment what's so ever from the Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office, even nothing in web communication. A few years back he and his government apologized for the wrongs done to First Nations people in the past, and said we have to create a better way for the future. I ask First Nation people what has changed, real what has changed. We have a little more responsibility over our affairs, in way of services, but there are so many restrictions and guidelines in providing those services, because of our dependency on the Government for those monies. Statistically, our education, our health, our social and even our political well being has been cut back a great deal over the years. Yet a lot of money was still generated as understood from the past from Crown Lands to pay for these services, hence "Lands, Revenue and Trust" accounts of the Government. I am sorry to say, even our First Nations leadership across the country have gotten so used of small financial contributions of $10 thousand here, $10 thousand there, from time to time we are like dogs fighting for a bone, and you can't tell me otherwise. The worlds most powerful leaders our in our country right now (G 20 and G 8), there talking about the well being of the world. Right here in Canada, more then 95% of our First Nations communities are in deficits, and majority of the communities are in poverty state. Yet Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government spend over $1 million dollars on a fake lake, that could have fed and educated a lot of First Nations people right here in Canada. I say to all the media and World leaders, ask Stephen Harper why this is concerning First Nations people.  Yet our economy is suppose to be one of the best in the World, majority of those monies created off Crown Lands, traditional territories of First Nations people. I say not to the First Nations leadership, I say to all First Nations people across the Country, its time to stand up, damn it stand up. The way the Indian Act has used and abused us, we can exploit it to its fullest benefits to advance our financial position. There are a lot of gray areas in it, and they have been there all this time.  It was non-native lawyers who truly helped me understand the gray areas and the benefits of exploiting the Indian Act. You would be amazed on what can be done, if you got an Indian Status Card, its time, and I mean its time to stand up, and we can help each other. The Government thinks we need them, sure we do from time to time, but all we need is each other.