Thursday, July 22, 2010

I forgive

What does one say or do, when a lot has been done in a very negative way to Indian/Aboriginal orFirst Nations people over the years. Governments and their leaders over the years have made promises, done agreements (i.e. treaties), and even apologized in the last few years. But, have the lives and conditions of First Nations people really changed over the years, in some and only some First Nations communities, yes some lives have changed and conditions have gotten better. But in a majority of First Nations communities, lives have not changed nor have conditions changed. Most people in regular Canadian society would say who cares, get over it and time to stop wallowing in it. Would regular Canadian society be right, just partly, because they never grew up on an Indian reserve, they were never taken far away as children, and sent to schools they never wanted to go to. They were never told you have to speak and act this way, or you will be punished over and over again, until you do it right. They were never shamed so much like taking the human out of them, and replacing it with religion, and with the understanding that this would make them better. Its about walking in someones shoes and understanding them as a whole. The governments of Canada did this right here in Canada, took an innocent child at six or seven years old from their parents, which then created an angry, bitter and shameful individual as they grew up. A majority relied on alcohol and drugs to bring comfort to their shameful well being, and then they took it out on their families and communities, that anger and frustration. Again, its called walking in ones shoes, and understanding before judging. "So what does one say or do". As a second generation residential school victim, who never went to residential school, who parents did, and who taught me how to be angry and frustrated with life and society. What I, and we do is forgive, I forgive all the governments and their elected leaders, I forgive all the churches and their priests, for affecting my life and many First Nations peoples lives they way they have with the decisions they have made. I forgive you, now give us the ability to live our lives the way we choose, and the capability to run our own affairs, our own lands and resources the way we see fit. Easier said then done isn't it, hence our problems today, the governments of this country today and their elected leaders really don't know what to do, they really don't, or it would have been done by now. We First Nations people have viable options and viable solutions, but you really need to hear them, and I mean hear them, not just window dress the process. Thank you and Respectfully yours Peter Leech

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moral Law and Leader

You know what our Indian/Aboriginal or First Nations people need more then ever today, we once had it, but have not had it for a long time, we have no "Moral Law". Moral Law once defined our communities and Nations (Tribes), all warfare is based on deception, we conduct more warfare on ourselves then our adversaries today, why, because we have no Moral Law, Thank you and Respectfully yours Peter Leech

"Note, Moral Law as defined by Sun Tzu, a true leader, a leader that finds and leads the way".

Forgiveness and Change

This is to all Indian/Aboriginal or First Nations people across Turtle Island, how do we inspire ourselves to greatness when we expect nothing less, when we can't see it and understand it within ourselves. In order to build and strengthen our Nations (Tribes), our communities, our families and our individual members, we must all exceed our expectations. If you grew up on a Indian Reservation, like most of us have, we all criticize without understanding, we all only seek to address our own personal feelings, lots of "selfish thinking" that does not serve the common good. Yet the true barer of our success at one time, was the unity within our families, communities and Nations, and if you grew up on a Indian Reserve, you know we have not seen this for a long time. "Its called the Indian Question", most people say it doesn't exist. On most Indian Reserves across Turtle Island, our communities are technically burning around us, we just don't see it or fuse to see it, and if you are Indian, you will know what Turtle Island is. Its not about the mistakes we made from the past, its what we did after wards that defined us as Indian/Aboriginal or First Nations people. Collectively we have all been in "Jail", allowed to walk free with restrictions and limitations, how do we set ourselves free. This is not a time for revenge or direct anger, its a time for change and growth in a positive way. Forgiveness starts with us, "forgiveness liberates the Spirit", it removes the fear as well, its a "Powerful weapon" when used right. This is a great time to be "Indian", why because we have tools that we have had in our lives all this time, tools to change, tools to give us a competitive edge, tools when exercised and used right, can and shall create a fair playing field for us to succeed. Lets truly show them where we stand, so we can move the world, lets dream things that are, and say why not. "Keep it simple"