Friday, April 29, 2011

Biggest Free Trade Deal Since NAFTA

The biggest Free Trade Deal Since NAFTA, which has been very much a Ghost issue of the 2011 Canadian Federal Election. Big negotiated deals being done behind closed doors, typical politics, tell the public after the fact. Please read more about this very important issue at the attached link:
What makes this even more important, that it is not even being discussed during the Federal campaign process of the 2011 Canadian Federal Elections, we must all ask the Federal Parties and their Leaders, why this not an important issue during this campaign. As a First Nations person, I would find this appalling, but then I would be used to it. For the lives of First Nations people have always been addressed behind closed doors.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Steven Harper is not Canadian

Let is be said, that we are proud Indian/Aboriginal or First Nations Canadians, proud to share the land we call home, proud to share its resources, that sustain our economy and country, and proud to be a Canadian recognized in the rest of the World. But one thing that truly saddens all First Nations people of Canada is, our own Canadian Government, a democracy understood to be fair. Our own Canadian Government of Canada does not truly recognize First Nations People on a World stage, with their present position on the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous People, lets be totally honest, that is lack of recognition. At present we are in the middle of a Canadian Federal Election, promises are being made, is there a Federal Party and Leader that will step up and do the right thing for First Nations People of Canada, and recognize this very important declaration. Steven Harper and his Government chose not to, its not to late to change your mind, but we need more then a promise. What if we said, Steven Harper your not a Canadian, we told the rest of the World your not a Canadian, and you shouldn't be Prime Minister, because your not a Canadian, what is the difference, there is none to be honest. So again, what Federal Party and Leader is ready to step up for First Nations People of Canada, for the time is now, not ten years from now. I encourage all Indian/Aboriginal First Nations Canadians , please get out and vote, but I also can't for get the rest of our Canadian Brothers and Sisters who call Canada home, please get out and vote on May 2, 2011, it will make a difference.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

It is good that we collectively can celebrate a day for our Mother Earth, but Earth Day should be every day, because our Mother is worth saving. If we can do one thing as an individual for Mother Earth, then do the same thing collectively, that will make a difference for our Environment. It takes one person, then two, three and so on. A seven year old boy, picked up some paper from the ground and threw it in the garbage, that effort needs to be celebrated, because it took one to do that. I told him doesn't that feel good, he made and allowed change to happen, I told him go over and tell your good friend to do the same thing, and watch him do it. Once he has done it, celebrate that with him as well. Now that is simple change for Mother Earth, now we can take the next step, and so on. "Happy Earth Day" to everyone in the World, it feels good when we can make a difference.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

BC Hydro Succeeding Again

Today on April 9, 2011, a vote is taking place in the St'at'imc Territory, a vote between the St'at'imc Nation and its membership and BC Hydro. An Agreement purposed for past wrongs and better relations for the future, lets be candid, that's what it is. But a lot of in fighting among the St'at'imc people has now arose, people would say this is the democratic process just taking place. Some people would also disagree with the comment that in fighting is even taking place, but lets be candid, it very much is, not just between friends, but most importantly family. It is not the vote that is happening today that frustrates me, its the game that is being played that is not being recognized, important question, does the "Indian Question" still exist today in modern times. Is this an important vote, some people would say yes and some people would say no, hence the vote today, even with a yes or no outcome, "WHO IS WINNING THE GAME". Peter Leech