Friday, April 30, 2010

The Fear of the Un-known

"Fear", the fear of doing business with UN-known elements, that may or may not be surrounded by a lot of legal jargon. Keeping the relationship simple by language of small fixed percentages and lease arrangements. Not understanding a piece of legislation that is old as time itself, questioning if it is legal or not legal, and the worry it would catch up to us or you at a later time. These are just some of the questions and thinking process of some companies and individuals, that are not taking the time to do their homework, and take the patience to understand the process. Everyone wants to make money, and make money as fast as they can, they want to save money in the process as well, but want to be safe from any and all legal outcomes. There are some things that sound too good to be true, because it has not been exercised to its fullest outcomes. At the start, we would like to do a lot of business as well, makes for better returns, but we will be patient in this process and do it one deal, agreement, relationship at a time. The old saying, Rome was not built over night, the door is open for understanding, education and implementation of our purposed relationships. The fear is on you not us, yes it may be justifiable, but take the time to understand the outcomes, take the time to understand your "Fear". First Nations need money and lots of it, to deal with the decline of our youth, relating to education, self-esteem, sexual abuse, and support for their well-being, this is just to begin with. The viable economic options First Nations have, they have had it all this time, now its time to really exercise it to their fullest outcomes, just take the time to understand it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

One moment in time

Its been awhile since we last blogged, and of course everything is done for a purpose. We have still been receiving emails about our blog, its funny no one comments on the blog site itself, but we have been receiving insightful emails positive and negative. We want to take the time to direct this blog to our fellow First Nations communities and people. Our dependency over the years has been reflected in our present comfortableness today, and we cant disagree when more 90% of our First Nations communities are still dependent on government subsidies. At one moment in time we were independent thinkers, we need to start thinking independently, not just talk about it. At one moment in time our vision is what carried us into the future, our vision has become comfortable with the present process. At one moment in time we had skills that reflected in our responsibilities, today we seem to depend on others to do it for us, why, because today we lack the eduction to carry us. At one moment in time, we had passion that reflected in our culture and traditions, today a majority of our communities are losing their languages, our people are just not speaking it today. At one moment in time, we invested in ourselves that reflected in our bartering of goods and services with our neighbors, today we have investment opportunities and options we just cant see and understand, because of our true lack of vision. Today we seek salesmanship, we have to start selling ourselves on what we have and what we can provide, for we have had it all this time, we just don't see it and understand it. The world is looking for viable options, we cant let the world sell us (i.e. Art and Culture, land and resources) and make the money in the process. Either we make it or share in this process, time to make real money, time to make real money. So lets start thinking independently, lets be visionaries once again, lets show our skills, let our passion truly lead us, lets invest in partnerships or relationships to better our position, lets be salesman and sell ourselves to the world.