Tuesday, December 12, 2017



#HumanRightsDay  It is my Human Right to live life to the fullest, to Breath Air without inhaling toxins that slowly destroy my well-being, to Drink Water without it being polluted or dirty. The Creator gave me these Human Rights, but our Caucasian brothers of the past took this Human Right away from us.  With their greed of a better world, their riches that blinded them to the  negative long-term outcomes.  In the process they forgot the simple Human Right of other fellow Human Beings, because they also became blinded with the Power it bestowed. Unfortunately, this greed, riches and power will probably take a few lifetimes to overcome, because of its deep rooted outcomes.  I could be very angry for these simple Human Rights taken away from me, angry like so many of my fellow Indigenous People, who have the right to be angry.  I can't live life to the fullest when I am angry, because my time on Mother Earth is so short.  I will however keep fighting for what is right, fighting and changing those long-term negative outcomes, and finding positive solutions to truly create a better world, so I can live life to its fullest, the way it is meant to be lived.  Grand Chief George Manuel said keep it simple stupid, words to live by.  I choose to be a solution maker, to find ways to better our relationships, to hold the hands of my fellow Caucasian Brothers until they no longer walk blind, even if they disagree.  For the Human thing to do is keep treating my fellow Human-Beings like Human-Brings, even if it's good or bad, for that is a simple Human Right.  Let's all celebrate #HumanRightsDay   Respectfully yours Peter Leech

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day 150 / A Respectful #Understanding of Indigenous People

To: Her Majesty the Queen of England and her Commonwealth, Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Government, to all past Governments Federal and Provincial of Canada, and to all Canadians of Canada
I am a very Proud Indian, First Nations, Aboriginal, Indigenous Canadian

I am very Proud of the Country we call home, "Canada", on the World stage, a Country that truly represents on that World stage.
Respectfully in good conscious, I cannot celebrate Canada's 150th existence as a Country, without acknowledging the 150th anniversary of the "Indian Act".  A piece of Legislation that dates the birth of this Country.  Legislation with its #Understanding, was supposed to deal with the "Indian Question" over the last 150 years.  Work and Progress has been very slow in dealing with the "Indian Act" and/or the "Indian Question" over the last 150 years. Some people would say substantial progress has been made over the years, Indigenous Canadians would beg to differ.  A prime example; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Government most recently could not even positively vote on changing sexual bias amendments to the "Indian Act", without the "Fear" of having to deal with the "Indian Act" once and for all.  Another prime example; Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Government, could not even positively support the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples, again without the "Fear" of having to deal with the "Indian Act" once and for all.
I am a protege of the late Grand Chief George Manuel, and late Grand Chief Phillip Paul (Uncle), Indigenous individuals and leaders among many other Indigenous peoples, who worked tirelessly with due diligence, passion and commitment, to try to positively resolve the many issues of the "Indian Act" and/or the "Indian Question". They tried to reach and achieve a Positive Relationship of #Understanding and Well-being for all People of Canada, so we can have true peace and harmony in this Country for every Canadian. On this day of July 1st, 2017, Canada Day 150, can we all say the "Indian Question" has truly been dealt with as a whole, "No we honestly cannot".
Mr.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the late Chief Joseph said it well, and I will let his words define our present position today related to the "Indian Act" and/or the "Indian Question";

Good words do not last long unless they amount to something. Words do not pay for our dead people. They do not pay for our lands (Indian Reserves), now overrun by bureaucracy. They do not protect our Grandfathers and Grandmothers graves. They do not pay for our way of life. Good words cannot give back our children lost from the Residential schools. Good words will not give our people good health and stop them from dying. Good words will not get our people a home where they can live in peace and take care of themselves, and good words do not provide clean running water.  We are tired of talk that comes to nothing. It makes our heart sick when we remember all the good words and all the broken promises. There has been too much talking by men who had no right to talk.  Words from Chief Joseph

At the beginning I said I am a very proud Indigenous Canadian, and as a very proud Indigenous Canadian, I am very proud to be apart of a very multicultural Canadian Family of all Canadian Citizens that make up this Country called Canada.  The beauty of Canada, is that it is my "Human Right" as an Indigenous Canadian to disagree with my Family.  We all know from time to time family will disagree with each other, and even fight to prove themselves right.  But as a family we all come together and unite when there is a crisis.  Like some African and South American Countries, there is a legitimate Crisis in Indigenous Country right here in Canada.  Poverty, Sickness (death), Suicide, lack of true Education, and clean running water, are just some examples of many, that run rampant in most Indigenous Communities right here in Canada.  But as a proud Canadian Society, the rest of the World does not partake in this knowledge and Understanding, because of the embarrassment it could and would lead too.  "Understanding" is the key word here, #Understanding of the "Indian Act" and/or the "Indian Question", #Understanding Indigenous history and well-being. #Understanding of why Indigenous People are so troubled (Residential Schools) in a viable financial Country as Canada on the World stage.  Indigenous People will always fight and will continue to fight until this #Understanding is in place, and dealt with in a positive constructive manner, and not just with Good Words, but dealt with once and for all. 150 years is far too long, it is time to deal with the "Indian Act" and/or the "Indian Questions" once and for all.  This will create a positive "RELATIONSHIP", and as a proud Indigenous Canadian, that is my commitment.  "Happy Canada Day" to all Canadians my beautiful family, lets make the next 150 years one of #Understanding and commitment to truly create a positive relationship once and for all.  RESPECTFULLY YOURS PETER LEECH

Friday, September 20, 2013

"Residential School" An Ancestors Message

My name is Peter, and first I am a Human Being, than a proud Indian/Aboriginal or First Nations individual from the T'it'q'et and Musqueam Communities.  I am a second generation Residential School Survivor, who never directly went to any Residential School, but bares the scares and history of its troubled and fragile past. My father and many members of his family Survived the St Mary's Residential School in Mission, BC, about three hours south of our hometown of Lillooet, BC.  Growing up, I always understood that my Father went to this far away school, taken from his family at a very young age, and spending a number of years there far from his parents and family.  Growing up, this is all I understood, for my Father really never talked about his experiences there. It was not until I was 34 years old, when I finally heard my Fathers story and experiences at the Residential School, that is a day I will never forget as well.  I attended this Residential School Conference in Vancouver, BC with my Father and Mother, to show support and to continue getting a better understanding of the processes and history of the Residential School.  At that conference, my Father was asked if he would share his story with the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, he agreed to share his full story, but he asked to have myself present in the room, and just me and the recorders of his story.  My Father loved humor and to make people laugh, so he started his story with a funny story, which made us all laugh in the room.  As he started to share his story, his demeanor changed and his confidence became more shallow, and at different times trying to hold back his emotion. Then he began to let go, and share the important parts of his story that would trouble any common sense Human Being.  At this point, is when I began to say to myself, "Wow", I could not believe what I was hearing.  Who could do this to a little boy, punish him so much to damage one of his testicles, and make him so afraid. So afraid, where he would become a constant bed wetter most of his young life, and would even get more punished because of his constant bed wetting.  This is the first time I ever seen my Father cry the way he cried that day, for I cried as well so overwhelmed with emotion, I was finally understanding my Fathers character over the years of my life.  I blamed my Father for a lot of things, not showing enough love, not communicating enough a way a Father should, and being distant when he should be close, and being to close when he should be distant.  Yes, this may sound like any Father and Son relationship, because I finally heard my Fathers story for the first time, watching him shed the honest truths of his character and well-being, and seeing my Father so vulnerable in my presence. For the first time in my life, I finally understood the pro's and con's of my relationship with my Father.  When I was 27 years old, I sat both my parents down and told them both, all the shit I carry on my shoulders belongs to you guys, I give it back to you, for it belongs to you and not me.  At first, I thought my Father was going to hit me or get mad at me, and my Mother she did not really understand, she thought I was rejecting her.  But after a few moments, my Father began to cry, for he understood what I was saying.  He said your right, and apologized for doing that.  But than I said to both my parents, you know what, I cannot blame you either, its like a generation thing, a Residential School thing, you were taught to shame yourselves as Human Beings, because you were simply "Indian".  After that I thought my Father would really open up regarding our Relationship, but he did not.  My Father really did not open up regarding our Relationship until he shared his story with myself present.  After he shared his story is when I can honestly say is when our relationship changed for the better, we began to communicate more, we began to understand each other more, and of course I was starting to like the change.  Most importantly, my Father began to tell me on a regular basis, that he loved me, and what more can a Son ask for.  

I would like to share more of my Fathers story with you, but before he left us for the spirit world, after a 12 year battle with Cancer, he wrote his story in a book, so I will let his book tell his sad but incredible story. His book should be coming out in the new year sometime, thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post, thank you and Respectfully yours Peter Leech

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Who really speaks for First Nations People

Let's speak some rhetoric now, for the rhetoric I speak is the truth to many First Nations people, but clear rhetoric to many others, here is the truth. Who really speaks for Indian/Aboriginal or First Nations people, Grand Chief George Manuel would say they speak for themselves, but they are just not being heard.  This is how much we have changed from the days of Grand Chief George Manuel to the present day Chiefs and Councils.  I want you to imagine at this moment we are at a Chiefs meeting of all the Chiefs of Canada, now I want you to imagine you are a newly elected Chief at your first Chiefs meeting, and you have a major moment of clarification.  As Chief you stand up and address all the Chiefs, and start by saying;  what we say here means nothing to most of our people in our Villages and Communities. Here we make speeches for each other.  Yet, the pulse of our people are influenced by the environment they live, example; TV, Movies, Music, Internet and Social Media, etc.  Our people are prepared to give their loyalty to someone or something that truly understands them.  To take over from the Governments or Band Administrations, in the name of their Freedom.  The Assembly of First Nations (National Indian Brotherhood) says it represents First Nations people of Canada, but yet more than a half a million Status Indians, of more than a million plus Status Indian people, don't even know what the organization truly does.  This is not about the 600 hundred plus Chiefs, or Aboriginal organizations or the lawyers, etc., it is about the pulse of the people.  Until we stand with the million plus people of our Villages and Communities, the people who bring life to our Families, Ceremonies, Culture and Communities.  The Chiefs, Aboriginal organizations or lawyers, etc., will truly not represent the million plus Indian/Aboriginal or First Nations People of Canada, or will they ever be able to truly challenge the Government/s as Nations.  In Canada it's the Government/s and the Department of Indian Affairs, or what ever they call themselves today.  They decide how an Indian/Aboriginal or First Nations person lives, what they can do on their lands, how they can use their lands, when they can fish and hunt, when they can go to school and receive training, by the amounts of money their communities budgets receive annually. They also inform us, what is justice and what is not justice.  We truly do not have one Indian/Aboriginal or First Nations body or organization, or individual/s that can fight the Government/s head on.  Because we have to ask ourselves, do we fight to change things, or do we fight to punish.  Are we truly ready for change, because in some parts of the Country we are not ready for change.  To gain our recognition, the recognition we once had, but to gain our recognition and standing, we must prove worthy of it.  We must unify our standing or we will stand alone in different directions.  We must remove our anger and frustration, or it will enable us in our discussions or direction.  For our true strength right now is our collective civil defiance of these Government/s and the Indian Act.  To all the Chiefs, let this not go on deaf ears, be humble and take the step forward.  Respectfully yours Peter Leech

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Freedom

My freedom is not physical, hence the Indian act, my freedom is spiritual, hence my ancestors, for I call upon their strength and guidance to help plan and lay out my future, the future of my family, my people and the human race.  My freedom is at the hands of my creator, for I am here to protect what was created, the mother of all life, MOTHER EARTH.    Peter Leech 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Mother is in a lot of Pain

When we look around, and look at the world we live in, "OUR MOTHER EARTH" is in a lot of pain. Pain that has been brought on by the Human Race. The air she breaths is getting unhealthier by the day, the water she drinks is undrinkable in many parts of the world, and she is being raped over and over again, for the substance of her well-being. Oh, my Mother Earth I apologize for my fellow human race, but they just cannot see, hear or understand your pain. I ask all the Mothers of the World, help me, help us, bring comfort to our Mother's Pain.   Peter Leech 2012

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Man has made lots of mistakes, don't judge the man for who he is, for that same man learned from his mistakes, judge him for the Human he becomes. In memory of Walter Leech by Peter Leech 2011